Baseball Triple Crown Winners

It is the first time, in 45 long years, in which a baseball player has a shot to make the Tigers, his team, baseball triple crown winners. However, even though this is the first time in a long run in which a player gets a legitimate shot at this prize, Miguel Cabrera, the player who is after the record, is getting an enormous amount of attention. He claims to be having a hard time with all of the attention he is receiving due to the chase.

For instance, during the last weeks, the player has been interviewed and approached by national television and reporters who are looking for information regarding his personal issues and if he’s feeling pressured to win this record. He says he prefers talking about his team’s efforts to win the playoffs rather than speaking about him and his personal life.  

Jim Leyland who is the Manager for the Tigers, argues that it is important to focus on the importance of the Triple Crown instead of talking about why Miguel Cabrera gets the chance to win a recognition which hasn’t been won since the 70’s or so. Also, he explains, the media exposure is making him nervous which reduces his chances to win.