How Upgrading To A Better Cold Air Intake System Improves Vehicle Performance

Are you looking to upgrade to a performance cold air intake system for your vehicle but have lingering doubts about whether such an upgrade is worth it? The most car enthusiast would rather spend their money on upgrades that directly influence horsepower – turbo kits/turbochargers, ECU chips and the like. The truth is that a good air intake system is just as important. How is this so?

Understanding how a cold air intake system works

Performance cold air intake packages are made in such a way that it directs more cold air into the engine bay to maximise performance and fuel economy. It is not difficult to understand how such an upgrade can be beneficial when you consider how an internal combustion engine works.

The power produced by a car engine is dependent on the efficiency with which the fuel burns within the combustion chamber. The more oxygen, the better the fuel will burn hence the more efficiently the engine will run. Not only will this improve the performance of the engine, however, but it will also likewise assist with fuel economy.

The air utilised throughout combustion is typically drawn from within the engine bay, therefore is relatively warm due to the excess heat generated by the engine itself. Unfortunately, the hotter the air, the less dense it ends up being, for this reason, the lower the oxygen capacity for an offered volume. So what can you do about it?  Well, the best thing to do is to introduce more cooling air from an external source, which is entirely the purpose of a cold air intake.

More cooling air carries more oxygen per unit volume, offering a far better environment for combustion to happen. The outcome is a more efficient burn and in turn higher performance and higher fuel economy.

Although more performance might be gotten by cooling the air, even more, cold air intake systems supply an expense reliable option to improve performance and improve fuel economy. You can also consider an upgrade to a performance exhaust system which works in synergy with your cold air intake. Both will serve to improve engine airflow tremendously.

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