Vert Shock Program: the best way to be the best dunker!

Would you like to jump 9, 15 or 32 inches more? Do you think that it is impossible because there is no method that can help you achieve that? Well if think that you are wrong, and I have your solution!

Vert Shock Review

The Vert Shock Program was designed by someone who really knows about dunking: Justin Darlington.

He created the program based on a fact that he discovered while training and it is that if we stimulate our fast contracting fibers we can improve our vertical jump.

The method can be finished in only eight weeks and it consists of three phases, the pre shock, the shock and the post shock. The most important is the shock stage in which you will do exercises that will shock your nerves and, as consequences, will improve your jumping skills.

The good thing about Vert Shock is that it is online. So there is no need of buying extra books or attending a gym. Everything is online and you can do the exercises wherever you want.

The program includes a guide, two workout plans, a video, a tracker and an online forum to ask any doubts you may have. It also comes with extra materials such as a checklist diet that will help you accomplish your goals.

Vert Sock is not expensive if you compare it with other similar programs and it offers you the possibility to have your money back if you are not pleased with the results you get. So don’t wait more, buy it now!