Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training

Vert Shock ReviewIf you are a basketball player looking for a way to improve your skills, Vert Shock will help you out. It includes several tips to master different techniques as dunking, defending, and jumping among others. Of course, it includes the ultimate learning method to increase your vertical jump up to 15 inches higher, something that cannot be promised by other similar training programs. This programs was designed by professionals that will help you to master all the basketball skills as a professional. Justin Darlington and Adam Folker have specially designed this program so it can be used by both professional and amateur players, regardless of level.

The routines are based on polymeric exercise and some bodyweight techniques in order to increase the elasticity of your muscle fibers. The Vert Shock method is divided in three different phases. Phase 1: Pre Shock training. Phase 2: Shock phase focused on your muscles fibers. It last 6 weeks and you will be able to jump up to 32 inches more. Phase 3: Post shock: It is based on exercises to help your muscle fibers to memorize all the previous phase. It includes4 bonus gifts and another great features as HQ videos and a membership to the forum. Benefits from the 60 days guarantee policy and try it for free now. Read all the Vert Shock Reviews you want, they all will recommend this excellent product. Download it now, you are a couple of weeks away from results!